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For me, Summer is the season of adventures and exploring, it's one of the things that I love the most about this time of year.  Now as much as I love England it's never really been known for it's amazing sunny summer days, I mean don't get me wrong when we do get them it's gorgeous and i couldn't be happier! but recently we have had more of our fair share of rainy overcast days. On days like this this is when my regular wave of wanderlust kicks in!

I have always been a bit of a daydreamer especially when it comes to places the world has to offer, but currently as our two kiddos are 6 and 2 we like to look for places that aren't to far a field, also there is so many beautiful places that are only a quick flight away like Tenerife in the Canary Islands, which has everything quiet secluded spots, beautiful beaches, mountains, hikes, party towns and even yoga retreats! 

When I was younger I had such a great time when I visited the island (it was for a girly holidays so admittedly I didn't get to see as much off the grid parts as I would if I went now) it has practically perfect weather all year round, which is always high on my "must have" list, sunny holiday destinations are more than likely to be my first choice.

Remembering back just one of the highlights from my trip was going on a yacht for whale and dolphin watching, it was incredible we got to see these beautiful creatures swimming around, it was one of the coolest things and I 100% would love my kids to experience seeing this.

Oh what I would do to be sitting on a pretty beach soaking up on some island life right now.Have you had the chance to visit the Canary Islands?

Tea with super powers

I'm pretty sure matcha is some sort of magical tea from above! however it's not, it's actually just green tea leaves from Japan, ground it to the most amazing green powder that kicks afternoon slumps in the bum. As the whole tea leaves are ground you get ALL nutrients, goodness and benefits.

When it comes to hot drinks I'm a tea girl all the way, I do enjoy coffee especially if it's iced but it does leave me feeling pretty jittery, so I limit my coffee intake and only have it occasionally. This is where matcha is my saviour!  One little scoop of this glowing green powder gets me right in the zone without any jitters, perfect.

I took part in the teapigs matcha challenge during may, it's where you have matcha everyday for 2 weeks in whichever way you like, be it; lattes, shots, smoothies or even added to food. It's actually incredibly versatile and really easy to add into your every day life, plus if the taste isn't something you dig it can be easily masked but you can still get all the amazing benefits.

When I took the challenge the first thing I noticed was the increase in my energy, and that was just on day one, plus I found it really helped me get stuff done especially on really hectic days. Some other benefits are helping with concentration, alertness, antioxidants, slow release energy, calorie burning and can help promote healthy skin! I'm certainly going to keep up with adding matcha into my daily routine and look forward to seeing more benefits over time. 

Do you use matcha? What's your favourite way to use it?

*All views are my own

WITH THESE HANDS- Launettes raw chocolate

If I could eat chocolate morning, noon and night I probably would, I love chocolate! I can't remember how I first came across Launettes instagram feed, but I'm so glad I did! She is a 70's loving Mama (she has adorable twin boys) radio DJ, health food enthusiast and a raw chocolatier. 

Getting hold of her chocolate is also quite fun, because she creates small handmade batches you have to be quick. Her chocolate sells out pretty fast, which is just another confirmation that this stuff is good!

I purchased a bar of her golden mylk chocolate, it's filled with amazing ingredients like coconut sugar, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon and so much more the flavour was incredible.  The other bar was her raspberry and acai, this had the most delicious zing to it, raspberry is one of my all time favourite flavours so this was a dream. You can check out her instagram here

I can't wait to see what new flavours and combination arise, one thing I do know is if they are anything like the two I have tried what a treat we're in for. Let me know if you get hold of one and what you think.

All views are my own 

Cloth houses


Cloth houses all you need if you got love - John Sebastian, Woodstock.

With that little peak of sunshine gracing our days more and more I'm having many daydreams of camping road trips.  Each year we try to have at least one camping trip, I love nothing more than setting up our tent with blankets, lanterns and lights.  Something I never understand is people who "hate" or "don't do" camping. What!!!!

How can you not love looking up at the stars, sitting out on a night with friends or family chatting the night away, not having the interruptions of day to day life, strolls at dusk, walking barefoot in the grass, and all the other lovely things, there are too many to mention. I think everyone should go back to basics and sleep under the stars at least once a year. what do you think?

Hands up, who else is ready for a road trip?

A Quick Fix


When I was studying at University my degree was in design, it was split between three sections fashion, gift and interiors.  Within interiors one of my favourite things to design was wallpaper, I really enjoyed the design process and we even got to hand print our paper designs. It was amazing to see something you created really come to life.

Saying that, I have always had a love for pattern, I was one of those kids who would leave a DIY or decorating shop with a hand full of wallpaper samples, and to be quite honest I'm still pretty guilty of this!

When we bought our first house I knew I wanted to decorate but I was pretty intimidated to do it myself so we just painted the walls, and honestly it just didn't feel like home for me. I my bohemian soul needed some pattern and texture with in my rooms.

When we eventually moved to our next house (the one we are currently living in), tackling wallpapering was top of my to-do list. I had a bit of a lesson from a family member and together we did a feature wall in my living room and it turned out pretty good, luckily it was a flat and easy wall to conquer. You know what, It's actually pretty straightforward! and its not as daunting as I thought, though I would advise at first it helps to have someone around to give you a helping hand if you need it. if you don’t have a friend of family member to give you some tips, you can read some guides on line.

Since then I have be come a bit of a DIY lover, I have even decorated my dining room, master bedroom, Penny's room, my mums living room and I'm currently doing the kitchen, my home feel much more homely and reflects my style so much better. It's so satisfying to know I did it myself also!

I'm quite lucky that my home is a pretty light and airy space, it gets a lot of natural light in it, so currently I'm working with that.  When I was choosing my wallpaper designs I wanted something busy but subtle, like most boho lovers who own a lots of trinket, art, patterns and treasures to display and you don't want to compromise anything.

As with most things, wallpaper goes in and out of fashion, but now there is so many designs and types that whatever your taste or style you can find something to suit, plus I tend to pick things that I love rather than it being "on Trend".  For me the beauty of wallpapering a room is you can quickly change the whole vibe of a space in a day or afternoon. Plus It's a pretty inexpense way to transform your home and give it a little update all while expressing your personal style. Hooray for wallpaper!

My yoga teacher training #3

Yoga training is coming on really well, each weekend I come home with so much more knowledge and information. It takes me the week after just to process it all! I'm not going to lie it can be pretty intense, but in a good way as there is so much to learn!

In the anatomy and physiology part of things we are currently studying the shoulder, we go in to detail about the bones, muscles and movement in that area etc. The human body is pretty unreal, it not until I started learning through my training how amazing it actually is! it really make you appreciate things.

We have began practising and planning micro lessons, its great because we are each given a different topic and then we have to create our lesson based on which one we get. We started with creating our own relaxation script, I was incredibly daunted by this at first but lucky I got a topic I was comfortable with so it went well... thank goodness! Now I feel much more confident about the relaxation side of the lessons, out of everything that was the one thing I was worried about the most.

I love the savasna at the end of my lessons, it's also an incredibly important part of practice so making sure everyone get to that deep level of relaxation was something I felt a lot of pressure over. But like anything these things come with time.

Another thing we are currently working on is pranayama with is basically the control of breath, we are starting with fully learning the basics of breathing techniques and will progress as times goes one. In a nutshell that's just a quick brief of what's going down in the yoga teaching. I have some new assignments to work on which include a micro lesson in breathing techniques, which I should actually be cracking on with right now! so on that note.......

For more on this check out posts #1 & #2.

EAT OM UP - Vegan Chocolate Truffles

I have a big sweet tooth especially when it comes to chocolate, I often find that eating standard dairy chocolate leaves me feeling sickly, sluggish and never really gives me my chocolate fix.

This recipe for vegan truffles has been a family favourite in our house for a while, we have a couple of variations that we regularly make and each time they are a huge hit.

Now I'm pretty confident you will love this recipe as much as we do! I have converted many of my friends and family (some of whom are not veggie or vegan) and they are hooked, so much so that they are making the truffles for themselves, dinner party treats and gifts.

The best thing about them is a little goes a long way, you get your chocolate fix,  know the ingredients are good quality, and they are not filled with crap like regular shop bought chocolate. YEY! No taste or flavour is compromised, this stuff is pure luxury and its all good for you. You will have to try it to believe it.

This is super quick, easy, and great fun to make plus the basic mix only needs 3 ingredients.


1 cup melted raw coconut oil (I used vita coco)
1 cup maple syrup
3/4 cup pure powdered cocoa, plus a little extra for dusting (I used Bioglan


Very lightly melt your coconut oil in a bowl so it becomes a liquid. Next add in your maple syrup and cocoa powder, give it all a really good mix to make sure it's nice and smooth, this should take a few minuets, you can also use a cappuccino whisk to ensure it's extra smooth.

Place the bowl in the fridge for 10-15 minutes until it has lightly firmed up to the consistence of whipped cream (I like to mix it every couple of minutes during to cool down time to ensure a smooth truffle).

The next step is so much fun and a tad messy! Scoop around a teaspoon of truffle mix into a dusting bowl and quickly roll it in a ball, then pop it on a plate, you can add anything to dust your truffles, try cocoa, matcha, shredded coconut or nuts.

Place on a plate and pop them in the fridge or freezer to fully firm up, you can give them a second roll once cool if you want them less rustic looking. 

That's it you're all done! You will never want to reach for a crappy waxy generic chocolate bar again.


Coffee Truffles- just add a teaspoon or two of ground coffee to the basic mix (perfect for a mid-morning pick me up).

Coconut and cranberry- Mix chopped up dried cranberry's to the mix, then dust them with shredded coconut and top with a whole cranberry.

Peppermint- Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your mix, then dust in cocoa powder and ground dried mint leaves.

Orange Truffles- Simply add some orange extract to your mix, dust with cocoa powder and top with some orange zest.

Nut butter Swirl- Before your are ready to roll, swirl a few teaspoons of your favourite nut or seed butter through your mix, finish of by dusting with crushed nuts or cocoa powder.

Matcha Truffles- For this I just make the basic mix  then add some matcha for dusting, once again these are perfect for mid mornings and busy days.

    Not only do these little truffles taste like a slice of heaven they are also great to add to some plant based or dairy milk to make a yummy indulgent hot chocolate for the colder months. Plus you can store them wrapped individually in the freezer or fridge, if they last that long. This recipe is an entry into the #Swearbyit challenge with Vita Coco. Find more great coconut oil recipes and tips on using
coconut oil at

The list is endless here so get experimenting, be sure to leave me a comment with some of your combination ideas and let me know if you made them, I would love to know what you think!

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