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Skull Bliss

Skulls have been used as decoration for decades, they have become particularly popular recently and no bohemian home is right without one adorning some part of a room.

Skull bliss is an amazing global team who have sourced talented indigenous artists from Bali to create these beautiful and intricately carved skulls, the best part is they are 100% hand crafted and most importantly cruelty free!

What I really loved about them is each skull is unique, they have such beautiful lace like detail and which ever piece you display you know has been hand created.  I just adore this onethis one and the turquoise on this one......heart eyes.

As much as I'm a lover of mixed pattern, bohemian layers, texture and stuff!  I have been drawn to a much more minimal boho vibe over the years, kind of Byron bay, white washed, beachy with travel inspired nicknack's vibe. How perfect would one of the skulls be in either of those homes?!

Skull bliss have a huge range of  carved skulls for sale in many designs,  including cow skulls, buffalo, ram and horse. Want to check out more? you can visit there website here, facebook here, instagram here.  Whats your favourite piece they have? where would you have one in your home?


Summer is in full swing and we couldn't be happier! I'm 100% an outdoors girl and if the sun is shining  then you can guarantee I'm out in it.  June proved to be a very busy month with some pretty eventful things happening one being my sons 1st birthdays!!! How is he one already?  
Here is a little Insta-life post with things that have been happening over the past few weeks.

1) My brother went on a new adventure and moved to Liverpool for a while before Canada next year.
2) The Amazing carpets in my grandparents home.
3) Meals alfresco style
4) Afternoon tea adventures to a beautiful estate manor 
5) Flower sharing at the blues festival last weekend.

Sunday winner

Happy Sunday all, hope you are having a great weekend. Sorry I have been pretty MIA recently we have loads going on and its just crazy! But i do have some pretty cool things coming up soon to share with you. So today i radomly picked the Casa Bella Giveaway winner via rafflecopter... was it you?!?! have a peek here to see.

Casa Bella Furniture & Giveaway

Whilst at university I loved styling, it was my favourite part of my assignments and projects.  I enjoyed nothing more than getting a brief to research and create a mood board.

Recently I was contacted by Casa Bella Furniture to create a mood board for a room using an item from a range they sent me, my style has always been "bohemian" but how I express it has changed a lot over the years.

I'm find myself gravitating towards a much fresher and almost minimal vibe, adding gorgeous textures and patterns to spaces rather that the jam packed curio everywhere look (which I still adore I might add) I just feel a lighter look works better for my lifestyle these days.

I guess that's what I love about the boho vibe, there is no wrong, anything goes and it mixes so well with other styles.

For my mood board I decided to create a clean, simple and modern bohemian look using the Dark Mango Lamp Table.  My home has a lot of dark, rich wood in it, I love how it can warm up a room that has a white or neutral pallet.

I'm also excited to announce that Casa Bella Furniture have kindly offered up one of there gorgeous Kilim cushions to a lucky bohomixology reader! You can enter a number of times using the rafflecopter below, open to UK readers only. Good Luck!


To explain a mala in the simplest way they are a set of beads that are traditionally used during meditation and prayers. They also go by other names such as prayer beads or japa beads. 

In Sanskrit which its a classical Indian language the word mala means meditation garland, your beads are a guide to help you keep track of you mantras, prayers and meditations.

I have been making mala beads for a few years and find the process incredibly meditative, i recently reopened my Etsy shop called Sweet Bodhi HC, in it you can find vintage bohemian jewellery and my handmade mala beads. 

As a way to celebrate my etsy reopening i'm running a giveaway over at my shop instagram @sweet.bodhi 

Hopefully you could be the lucky winner :)

Morning Glory.

Tea is totally my thing! don't get me wrong I also love coffee, but my heart belongs to tea.  I have tried and owned many brands and styles but hadn't yet tried the teapigs everyday brew morning glory (how it had got past me I will never know) 

I had the change to give it a try for two weeks to see what I thought, so honestly what did I think?!

Unlike a lot of teas teapigs use whole tea leaves in their temples (also known as the super cool looking roomy teabag) this makes a huge difference, the whole tea making ritual changes.

When brewing a cup of any teapigs tea you need to give it a little time to brew and release all the good stuff, and lets be honest if you can't take a few minuets to brew a proper tasty cup of tea then what's the point?

My first brew resulted in me actually saying wow out loud, the flavour was amazing. It was strong, refreshing and so flavoursome. Everything you want in a cuppa' when you wake up in the morning.

This tea would make the most delicious iced tea, I'm daydreaming of warmer days and batches of sweet peach iced tea, yum.

I love what teapegs are doing and how they are just ace-in the tea game, two big thumbs up from me.

What's your favourite kind of tea? 

     You can also check out the teapigs macha tea challenge that I did in January here.


I always think to myself Spell surly cant top the last collection, with out fail they prove me wrong each and every time! Festival 15 you are just perfect, anyone else ready for festival season?

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