Moon Tide & Giveaway

Brighton based jewellery designer Sarah Harman has got bohemian beachy adornments to a T.  She has always lived by the sea, is inspired by adventure and is on a journey of her own setting up the gorgeous jewellery brand Moon Tide.

Using natural elements like shells, moonstone and quartz they will make your inner gypsy sing!
I'm excited to say that Boho Mixology has teamed up with Moon Tide to offer you a chance to win £20 store credit to use in her shop. Which is your favourite Moon Tide piece?

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Here are a few pieces I would love to own! Currently I'm making plans to makeover our master room as when we moved in it was the last to be done. Hooray for Pinterest and its unlimited source of inspiration, I have an idea of how I want the room to look and these pieces would be perfect to adorn the walls with. Which is your favourite?

Divine Dressing Room

So can we all agree that the gorgeous MacK from Soul Makes has the most dreamy dressing room ever! Yes, thought so.

If you don't know Soul Makes you're missing a treat they are so worth a check out, it's run by wife and husband duo that make the coolest free spirited jewellery, Yes please! Want to see more have a peek at their blog here

Boot Envy


I have a serious love for ankle boots! when autumn comes around it feels like I have a legitimate reason to invest in some.  But lets not lie here, the ankle boot is truly suitable for any season.

A few weeks ago I bought some gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell boots from the Freepeople sale,  I chose the black ones and they are perfect. Super cosy and go with everything what more do you need?  maybe a brown pair of boots?!

So here I am with autumn looming on the hunt for some brown boots, I have been pinning some I like here but honestly I can't choose, there seems to be a million I'm loving at the moment, plus I have a feeling not only brown boots will be on the cards.


boho braids hair

Hair rings! I have seen these creeping up more and more, whats your thoughts?  I think worn the right way they can look pretty cool and certainly update the humble braid.

Want some? check out Regal Rose.



This has been the longest week ever! I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that the weekend is finally here. As you may have noticed the blog has had a re-jig and a name change, I felt it was time to evolve. 
For quite some time now I wanted to change the name and do a blog make over, with one thing and another time wasn't on my side. Finally I managed to squeeze in some hours and clean up the blog, I wanted a simple clean look , I'm pretty happy with how it turned out ( i still have a few tweeks to do here & there) in the next two week i will be changing the URL also, just giving you the heads up.  Hope you like it!


When it comes to the weekend we love to cook together, it became our house tradition when Penny was just a little tot.  On a Friday we make a plan of what we fancy making, then come Saturday morning the husband and little P head out to get what we need.  

Generally it's a unanimous vote for an Indian or Thai dish, they are more or less staples in our household. I though I would share a recipe we often make which is homemade chapattis. Not only are they super tasty they are ridiculously easy to make, so much so preparing them is Penny's job when Indian is on the cards.


You will need:

250g Chapatti flour

Good pinch of salt

2tbsp butter or oil 

120-150ml hand warm water

Grab yourself a large mixing bowl,  add in your flour and salt then give them a good mix together.  Make a well in the center of the flour then add in your oil or butter and warm water, the water should be added gradually while mixing.  You are looking for a soft well formed dough which isn't sticky to touch.  Once the right consistency has been achieved knead the dough (in the bowl is fine) and leave it to rest for 10-15 minuets. 
Divide your dough in to eight pieces, then on a floured surface use a rolling pin to flatten out your chapattis, I find a 13-15cm circle works perfect.
Heat up large heavy flat pan (we just use a large frying pan) then place in one of your chapattis, cook for around two minuets or when bubbles start to appear (flatten with a spatula as this helps them cook through) , then flip over and repeat.  If you wish you can brush on butter once cooked, serve warm with your favorite Indian dish and enjoy!


Happy Sunday! Today is a far cry away from summer, we have dark skies and pouring rain. As much as i love a good hot sunny day, i'm also a sucker for a humid dark rainy days. They are perfect "do nothing" days.

I decided to give the blog a little makeover, i had been toying with the idea of a new design for a while. So if you head over and things are looking a little crazy its only till the dust settles. Currently i'm working on the new design so watch this space and bare with me i'm certainly no computer pro :)

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