2012 was pretty amazing, let see what 2013 has in store. I cant wait. What's your plans for the year ahead?

Hope you had/are having a great holiday season. After a huge wait due to the holidays we finely have internet!  I have a giveaway planned with some pretties I picked up in Thailand, so keep your eyes peeled.  How amazing are these images by Shae Acopian DetarI'm totally smitten.


Today we woke up to snow, only a thin layer but still! In between unpacking boxes and getting the new house ready, we put up & decorated our tree. It's starting to feel very cosy here. Still no internet  ( thanks holidays for making the waiting list huge) so I'm grabbing the chance to use it when I can. Here is a peek into out Thailand trip, as much as I love the snow I'd jump at the chance to be back there right now. We are missing that place so much! 

We are back from Thailand! Kicking and screaming I may add. What sweetened the deal of coming home was moving into our new house, so goodbye old and hello new.
Things are a bit hectic and we have no Internet currently but soon all will be sorted. I'm currently sifting through all the Thailand photos for a post and have a giveaway coming up so watch this space.

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Whilst Zoe is away enjoying the sunshine in Beautiful Thailand, here in the UK the weather has turned to freezing. In the winter months my inner animal comes out and all I want to do is find a cosy safe place and hibernate, so I thought I would share with you some yummy hibernation bedroom inspiration for these upcoming winter months. Books, cocoa, a blanket, a good reading spot and a bit of winter sun streaming through the window. Bliss....

Just want to say a huge thank you to Gabi for doing this guest post, she is the lady behind one of my favourite blogs moon to moon ,  If you haven't been over to her blog already you really should its jam packed with bohemian gorgeousness! Perfect.

Hello loves! I'm Marissa over at Moondaughter! I am so happy and honoured to guest post here today while Zoe is in THAILAND (I wish I was with her!!). I hope you are having a wonderful time Zoe! Anywho, as Gypsie Sisters, I am sure a lot of you have dabbled (or have dug deep) with Tarot/oracle cards, do your own readings, and probably have your own decks, so I thought I would share with you ways I connect and build 'relationships' with my decks, and I would love to hear what you do with yours!

If you don't know what I do, I actually sell my own unique Tarot/oracle readings related to the Moon cycle over at my Etsy shop. I do quite a few readings, but I only use cards I have a solid relationship with to ensure connection and accuracy for my clients. It took a lot of time to craft and create these readings, but I couldn't do so without the guidance from my decks. When I say 'relationship' I mean just that; it is an exchange of energy between you and the cards at any given time. Have you ever noticed if you or one of your clients was closed off to a reading, or perhaps relying too much on the cards for answers, the reading would be unclear? Well, closed off energy or desperate energy is being put into the decks, so the deck is reflecting the energy back (or telling you to take a step back). When you put energy into the decks for divination or self-growth, the cards have a way of absorbing your energy and reflecting it back to you in a way you can understand-- so it becomes very intimate, intuitive, and personal exchange between you two. So here are few things I do with my cards when I first receive them, and periodically do to recharge them.

First and foremost, I treat my cards like the sacred tools they are. Remember to honor and respect the power they have; after all, they are a reflection of you :) Keep them in your sacred space, or keep them in a drawer, box or pretty bag designated just for them. I always keep my cards on my altar near my crystals (crystals keep them charged and cleared of negative energy). You can also decide whether or not you will let anyone else touch them. Letting others touch them puts their energy into the deck as well, so it is up to you. Their are a lot of views on this subject, but I personally let others touch my oracle cards and not my tarot-- I am not very sure why, but that is what I feel intuitively to do, so that's what I do.

Secondly, when I first receive them I want to connect with them right away, so I smudge each card with sage. I hold my cards in my left hand (usually the receptive hand/side, or opposite of your dominant hand) and the sage in my right hand. I then hold the deck over my heart and say a little prayer and blessing to the Divine, my spirit guides, and the Universe for my cards and our budding relationship.

For the next few days, or weeks, depending on how my intuition or the cards guide me, I will keep them under my pillow as I sleep and record my dreams in a journal. This is a great way for the cards to get to know you in the ethereal dreamworld, and when your subconscious is wide awake. Subconscious, psychic connections and bonds will be made during this time, and I find whenever I do this with my cards, even periodically, I can read the cards on a deeper level than before. And pay attention to what your dreams are trying to tell you, it maybe a message from the cards! It's pretty amazing! I would definitely recommend you try this sometime! 

Another thing you can do is to draw a card everyday for yourself and treat it like a daily devotional or affirmation.You can keep the card with you and reflect on it throughout the day, or take a few minutes in the morning or evening to meditate on it then. When you draw the card, before you jump to the guidebook for the meaning, really focus and open you mind and heart to the images on the card itself. The images uncover deeper, subjective layers for you to work with. Look for a story, or theme, and try not to judge it-- just let it unfold as you gaze upon it. What are the major colours  or elements? And most importantly, what feelings do the images provoke in you? If you can, write down your initial notes about each card you draw first, then look at the written meanings. It is fun to compare, but don't be disappointed if you experienced something different than what the book is telling you; we are all different, walking down different paths, and interpret things differently. If it resonates with you then it is totally okay; your intuitive process is more important. This is a great intuitive exercise you can do with your cards even if you have had them for a while. You may learn new things about your cards in the process!

So those are a few things I do with my cards pretty frequently. It's actually a lot of fun! Remembering that working with your cards is an intuitive, creative, and fun process is key! Listening to your intuition is so important, I cannot emphasize this enough. It will never lead you astray, and neither will your cards. Trust your process. And have fun with your cards! Is there anything you do to get to know your cards? Or an exercise you particularly enjoy? Please let us know! I would love to hear about your techniques too! If you have any questions let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

A big thank you to Marissa for this amazing guest post, she has a a beautiful blog full of musings, the moon and loads more. Its a perfect read over a cup of tea be sure to have a look.


So today we are on route to Thailand, cant believe how quickly its all happened. Anyhow, I have two guest bloggers doing posts and I will be back soon baring gifts for a giveaway and adventure stories. Let the fun begin.

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I love books and need some new ones for our flight. Got some recommendations, what are your favourite reads?

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So did I mention this month we are also buying a new house?! Currently we are planning and packing for our travels AND planning and packing a house move. Thank goodness for yoga class that's all I'm going to say!! No its actually a lot of fun, I love moving house and getting a new space to play with especially with Pinterest to help with inspiration.

I have a huge love affair with Spell and the gypsy collective. Understandably I'm blown away by the new collection,  choosing images to post from the shoot was almost impossible I totally wanted to post them all! I cant wait to get my hands on some of it,  I just wish I could have got some of the collection for our Thailand travels (only nine days to go, excited isn't even the word).

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