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Hope Sandoval

When mother nature gives you rain.

✽ Make homemade bread.
 ✽ Collect rain in jars to water flowers another day.
use the chance to read.
 Get your umbrella and go for a walk.
Take a moment to Sit and watch!
Do yoga.
Go outside and dance.
✽ Make a music playlist.
✽ Sew or make something.
✽ Do a rain drop race.
✽ Get the records out and play your best summer songs.

Serious Scarf Love.


I'm just lusting over these vintage scarf room dividers! They would also make some A-mazing curtains.

Cabin fever!

. . . . .
We have had nothing but grim rainy weather here hence the cabin fever post, but seriously if I was ever gonna get it can it been in one of these gorgeous places! 

Our shrikhand.

1) Strain any large tub of plain yoghurt in a cloth & colander overnight to remove all the liquid, by doing this you will result in a thick creamy base like soft cream cheese. 2) Remove the seeds from around four cardamon pods and crush, add to the yoghurt along with nutmeg, vanilla and a good swirl of honey. 4) Add a generous helping of fresh fruit and nuts then enjoy. 5) Try freezing the mix to make the best ice cream ever!
So inspired to make Pennys room similar, I feel a mini room make over is in need. How gorgeous!


1 2 3 4 5 6

I have always admired from afar but now think its time I dabbled. Watch this space.

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