Coming ready or not.

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I love the idea of a little home hideaway.


Life according to instagram 

1- Yogi tea, oh how I love you.  (necklace from Noble town vintage
                              2- Fathers day.    
                              3- Pennys new teepee.
                              4- Adventure planning.
                              5-  Penny getting her morning groove on!
                              6- Homemade soup and Mediterranean bread

    Last night was seriously a blast, he was so good! Now we are just getting the car packed up for a camping weekend, busy busy busy.


Yeah so tonight we are going to see the boss! my mum went when I was 2 (1984 world tour) and brought me a T-shirt  home, which I still have. Tonight me and the Mr are going and will bring Penny (who is also 2, see where this is going) a T-shirt back,  Glory Days.


1 2 3

This weekend has been pretty good, I'm beyond excited as we have just booked our ticket to Thailand in November. Routes and plans are being made, Bring on the adventure!!


Wooden Tribal Magnets

1, Hunt for a pretty branch. 2, Cut five rings around 2 cm in thickness. 3, Sand lightly if needed. 4, Get doodling with a black pen. 5, Stick on a magnet. 6, Have the best note keepers in town.

Soul Food

Each weekend I take some time out to prepare meals to freeze or keep for the week ahead, I love having a stock of delicious home cooked food for us. If you have yet to check out Pure do so now, its amazing! for a long time now it has been a source of inspiration.  BE WARNED you will want to whip a batch up of every recipe asap!!!!

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