Soul Food

Each weekend I take some time out to prepare meals to freeze or keep for the week ahead, I love having a stock of delicious home cooked food for us. If you have yet to check out Pure do so now, its amazing! for a long time now it has been a source of inspiration.  BE WARNED you will want to whip a batch up of every recipe asap!!!!


  1. wow you are so organized. i need to do that - i'm trying to get better about having meals prepared ahead of time. i just read a book about grocery shopping and meal preparing. i am a true mom!!

    1. hahaha :) It makes life so much easier, hit pinterest and websites/blogs for inspiration then you will be on a roll. I have some recipe post coming up also.

      Zoe x

  2. Wow what dreamy photographs you find for your blog! Love these - particularly the heart shaped cookies and the circular pie. What beauty! Katie. xxx

  3. Oh my, what dreamy photographs you find for your blog! :) I love the heart shaped cookies, and the circular pie. Beautiful! Katie. xxx

  4. Thats a really great idea! My mother used to do that and somehow it just never carried on to me... i end up just eating sandwiches and salads because they can be literally any ingredients.

    and this PURE website is incredible! Thanks for the share.


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