Some of my collection even my Mister has the colognes

My love for the botanical treats from For Strange Women has been a long one.  Over two years ago I bough my first item and during this time I have bought almost everything Jill has to offer! No lie.
I'm currently wearing the Luna Amulet (gift from my mister) which is a beautiful locket adorned with a black onyx. But wait it gets better! Each new moon for the year you receive a crafted perfume tailored for the new moon cycle, you get to create your own perfume ritual to manifest your intentions and inspirations. Perfect!
I'm not a person who needs things or wants for much, but For Strange Women is something I have to have, it's my luxury from the scent to the visuals, I don't think I will ever not not use it. Try it, but beware of addiction. In a good way!


  1. What beautiful things you show here! :) Great stuff!


  2. I never heard before about For Strange Woman, but I really like the name and I just had open a website - a cat - oooo, I love it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Yes I do love them all also :) My favorite is November and Bollywood :)


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