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I love books and need some new ones for our flight. Got some recommendations, what are your favourite reads?


  1. my latest book crush is johnny cash's autobiography 'cash'. really wonderfully written and full of whisdom.

  2. I am reading The Hummingbird's Daughter right now and it's beautiful!

  3. I am reading The Hummingbird's Daughter. It's beautiful!

  4. Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story! one of the best books ever - for me :)

  5. I yearn to sit in that chair in that room.
    Books lend a very particular sorta sanctity to a room, don't they?
    Anyway, you didn't mention what mood you were in for books. :)

    x Ursamare

    1. Its pretty amazing isn't it! As for book I like any, I love to give any a try out.

      Zoe x

  6. ooh i love choosing travel books! have you read anything by Steve Almond? i really loved his book "not that you asked." it made me laugh a lot. i also loooove the divine secrets of the Ya Ya sisterhood as a travel book...and, hmmm...kate atkinson writes pretty good kinda scary mystery books - i think she's british and they are set in england. if you're into mystery, they're great. xoxo


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