So simple and pretty! By using a collection of vintage fabric, simply sew pieces together and use them to cover your footstool.  Hot glue the fabric into the button dimples, then stretch the fabric and staple taut over stool,  it's best to work evenly around to get an consistent tension.  The final step is to hot glue a trim over the seam and sew button in to the dimples to finish it off. Any questions just drop me an email.

Head songs

Today's song for spring.



Suede and flatforms/wedges. Is it not a perfect combination?! cant wait to have a pair for my spring wardrobe.


Sacred Space.

Dreaming of homes that one day we will live in. Everything about this is beyond inviting.


I have always had a long love of prisms, these just make me love them more.


I'm daydreaming about:

▲  Growing vegetables and herbs.
▲ My new jewellery collection
▲ New sandals for spring/summer.
▲ making plans for road trips.
▲Lying in bed with the sun shining through the window.
▲ Picnics in fields.
▲ drinking mocha frappuccinos

Soul Food = Grapefruit Brulee

Due to my day dreaming of spring and summer I have become addicted to Grapefruit Brulee's, a perfect treat with promises of sunshine and warm days.
Something so simple shouldn't taste so good! slice a pink grapefruit in half, score around the segments so non of the deliciousness will escape you. Sprinkle with sugar and torn mint leaves then place under the grill till warm and syrupy. Beware of addiction! 
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