Tonight is a blue moon in Pisces. <3


Sunday morning tea.
Date Night.
Forest exploring.
Colouring in.
Heirloom tomatoes salad.
Once we had blue sky's.

Some of my collection even my Mister has the colognes

My love for the botanical treats from For Strange Women has been a long one.  Over two years ago I bough my first item and during this time I have bought almost everything Jill has to offer! No lie.
I'm currently wearing the Luna Amulet (gift from my mister) which is a beautiful locket adorned with a black onyx. But wait it gets better! Each new moon for the year you receive a crafted perfume tailored for the new moon cycle, you get to create your own perfume ritual to manifest your intentions and inspirations. Perfect!
I'm not a person who needs things or wants for much, but For Strange Women is something I have to have, it's my luxury from the scent to the visuals, I don't think I will ever not not use it. Try it, but beware of addiction. In a good way!

My most recent treat is this gorgeous Harvest moon top by Jill over at Lune. The Harvest moon has so much meaning for me, so I had to have this! also its just gorgeous on and goes with so much (I'll post some styled photos with it on soon). If you haven already you should check out Jills blog and shop. Love them.

Just a note to say the  Lost Boys + Lovers giveaway has now finished, a winner has been randomly picked, Exciting.  Also a big thank you to the Gorgeous Sadie Rose who is one killer lady i'm sure you'll agree.
Are you the lucky soul?.  

 if you want to be a gypsie sister this August drop me an email.


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August 15th 1969

Each year to celebrate by watching and listening to our collection of memorabilia,  Love it <3

I love Tiny Devotions Mala beads, they are pretty and purposeful. Went to order the one I had been after to find it had sold out, I was so sad but hey wasn't meant to be this time.  I can't  wait to get one.

Lost Boys + Lovers

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sadie Rose is a pretty cool girl and a true gypsie sister. She has a killer vintage shop over at etsy, you can follow her adventures over at facebook, twitter or on her blog. As if that isn't enough she is offering $25 gift Certificate to a GS reader, who's gonna be the lucky devil to win?!

Head songs

Need i say more?!

PS. i have a pretty cool giveaway coming very soon.
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