2012 was pretty amazing, let see what 2013 has in store. I cant wait. What's your plans for the year ahead?

Hope you had/are having a great holiday season. After a huge wait due to the holidays we finely have internet!  I have a giveaway planned with some pretties I picked up in Thailand, so keep your eyes peeled.  How amazing are these images by Shae Acopian DetarI'm totally smitten.


Today we woke up to snow, only a thin layer but still! In between unpacking boxes and getting the new house ready, we put up & decorated our tree. It's starting to feel very cosy here. Still no internet  ( thanks holidays for making the waiting list huge) so I'm grabbing the chance to use it when I can. Here is a peek into out Thailand trip, as much as I love the snow I'd jump at the chance to be back there right now. We are missing that place so much! 

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