Finally got my little Etsy up and running with new listings,  also have advertising options set up now. Hope your weekend was a good one, problem is they go by far to quick for my liking. 


  1. nice necklaces but did you make them? because you know your not aloud to sell non self made things on etsy, for the respect of all artisans who are true artist and sell there things on etsy.
    sorry for bothering you with this, but it bothers me that "fake" artisans put stuff on etsy wich is not even made by them! and when you open your etsy shop the rules are very clear...

    1. Yes I did! everything I make is handmade including my beads. I have a degree in design (Designer making was part of this) it also bothers me when people claim they made something to which they haven't.
      My Etsy shop has been active since 2010 and only closed due to moving home, handmade is a huge part of my life I have always created and support independent handmade artists regularly

      Zoe xx

  2. I LOVE these! youve got a great eye for design and colour!


  3. Gorgeous! I love the orange agate one, well all of them really. Adding it to my favorites!


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