I recently got sent a pack of Sleep In Rollers to try out in the brunette colour. I had heard so much about them and was certainly intrigued!  What's different about these is you can pop them in before bed, wake up with amazing hair and all with minimal effort on your part. They are made with a spongy roll that has enough give to squish but also keep the shape in your hair.

By wearing them in the classic way the result is a gorgeous blow out look with loads of movement, texture and body. It looks like you spent ages blow drying your hair or been to the salon, but really you were in bed asleep. You can create a really chic polished look or by adding some surf salt spray you can make it look more boho and lived in.

The rollers are so much fun, I loved playing around with them to create different styles you really can do so much with them. Adding them just at the crown gives you amazing volume which is perfect for that 60s French pony tail, rolling the hair over the gives killer volume, under give gorgeous flicks and sideways/angled give pretty tousles. For a lighter look I also wore them for a few hours and took them out before bed for a softer loose look the next morning.

What's great about these rollers is they need no heat so they are gentle on your hair, make it smooth and shiny and take very little work. I love these and wear them almost each time I wash my hair, they even give the hair great texture for putting it up!  Check out some ideas below or some tutorials here. I can see why they have won so many awards!

Have you or do you use rollers to style your hair?

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  1. Nice! I have been looking for some sleep in rollers. I like the look they give.


  2. I've used hair rollers before, however never sleep in style! I'd love to try them. I love having beachy wavy hair, and I love a curly ponytail. Thank you for writing up this review!


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