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It's time to start making plans for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe, looking for a few great key pieces to get started for the colder months ahead. 
I got the opportunity to collaborate with Surfdome an amazing on-line shop with some of my favourite brands all in one space.  Perfect!
I have always been a Roxy and Billabong girl they are two brands I often go back to, having seen the Roxy clouds top and falling in love with it I figured it would make a great layer up with its cutout/devore style design.
I spent ages looking around at all the gorgeous tops, shoes and clothes needless to say my list is growing! above are some pieces that I think are perfect for the seasons ahead, seeing these make me want to wrap up cosy and head to the coast for a walk, collect driftwood and enjoy beach fire pit, autumn heaven!


Find Surfdome here:


  1. Each and every one of those pieces is fabulous. Thank you for sharing them! Can't wait to start putting sweaters, jackets, and boots in the day-to-day rotation! (Hopefully only a few more weeks before temps drop here in NC!!)


  2. I ADORE those boots. I'm going to Europe this fall and have been trying to find a pair like that forever. Alas...my time has run out and I had to settle for another pair.


  3. I ADORE those boots. I have been trying to find a pair for sometime as am going to Europe this fall. Alas, time has run out and I have had to buyl another pair


  4. The socks are sosososo cute :)


  5. I haven't heard of this company before and it looks like they have some awesome stuff. those boots!!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace


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