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There is always a time and a place for a good turban or head wrap.

Meet the gorgeous artist Leslie Sabella, she is the hand behind these beautiful free spirited drawings. Inspired by far away lands, yoga and daydream doodles,  they truly are creations any bohemian home would love to hold. 100% a Gypsie Sister.


I often tell my mom that I think I would have fit in just fine being young during her free-spirited generation of the 60's. In didn't take long for me as a young adult to get hooked on the peasant tops, peace sign jewelry and classic rock music. But it was more than these fashion and music choices that influenced me, it was the idea of a bohemian lifestyle that became deeply rooted. My mom a colored pencil artist herself, always encouraged me to to explore my creativity in any way I could and overtime I developed a real love for drawing intricate designs.

It was during my time in college, studying art history and practising yoga, that I explored new cultures, developed a strong appreciation for ethnic art and craft and began my journey into a self exploration through my time on the mat. Over the years, I have been extremely fortunate to travel all over the U.S., South America and Caribbean, which has in return deepened my admiration of native design in clothing, jewelry and art. I love being able to take traditional elements of ethnic design, sit down with my drawing pad and create artwork that is modern, worldly and fresh.

When I begin a drawing, whether it is a figure, animal, or object, I start to create a very rough sketch. After I have mapped out the basic outline, I organically start to draw all of the intricate designs freehand with Micron pens. I enjoy this part of the process because I never know until I have completed the piece how it is really going to look. The unexpected quality is one of the most fun and imaginative processes for me. After I have finished the drawing I scan it into the computer and begin to layer photographs I have taken, along with inspirational quotes to finalize many of my pieces.

It has been hard for me to find a word that sums up the style of my artwork. To me my art is for the free-spirited and appeals to many people because it offers a little window into that bohemian, laid back lifestyle we all really dream of.

My work is very reflective of my love for native cultures and the spiritual aspect of being a yogi. Aside from drawing, I love crocheting and knitting, designing jewelry, and spending time with my husband and fellow artist Jonathan Sabella.


I was gifted a beautiful, crisp white linen cushion from The White Company embroidered with the word sleep (the funny thing was the day it arrived I had been up all night with a poorly kiddo, so we took this as a sign for an afternoon nap). Though it was the perfect excuse for a little bedroom peek.  Is it just me or is fresh white bed linen pure luxury?! love it.

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