Since being a kid I have always loved bed canopies,  I think there is something really magical and romantic about them.  They are a perfect way to hide away from the world,  dream the night away or get lost in a good book.
We have been contemplating getting one for our master bed room,  Penny has a sweet little children's version but I think mama needs one.  Mind you as if getting out of a big fluffy white cloud bed isn't hard enough on a morning! 
The beauty of them is what ever your style there is a canopy that would work for you,  whether big and full of layers or small, fine and minimal. they are a great addition to a bedroom whatever the bed size.
You can pick them up from so many places, my favourite is the Spell sahara mosquito net (which is on sale currently)  Bed canopies are pretty easy to get hold of now even eBay have a great choice of them.
What's your thoughts, do you have one on your room?


  1. I just finished making this one for my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/176480438/bohemian-gypsy-bed-canopy?

    I'd love to keep it (or one like it) but I'm sure my husband would be tangled in the curtains all the time...

    Just found your blog - love it!!

    1. Wow that's beautiful!! I love it, I would be far tempted to keep it :) Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words

      Zoe x

  2. One, two, and five are my favorite!! I'm a huge fan of bed canopies... now if only I had the right space around my bed. One day though!


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