When it comes to make up most mornings I have a "quick fix" look, as for most people it's the time of day that's super busy busy busy. I just want a routine that's easy, light, quick and something to make me look fresh as a daisy!
Currently these are my top quick fix six, they see me by nicely; to do the school run and quick errands while I'm  out.

I truly adore this stuff!  It makes instant wide awake eyes in one swoop, with a lovely light luminous sheen it really wakes up the eyes which is just the ticket for early mornings. I love how it can be worn alone or under eye shadows, such a universal primer and a must have in my make up bag.

These smell divine! When I got my first hair powder I was a bit apprehensive of using a shake powder on my hair. It's super easy and makes your hair smell so good, think of the scent of exotic lit incense sticks but in your hair (tell me who wouldn't want that!?), it leaves your hair feeling a little fresher and full of body. Perfect for in between washes or hair that need I little boost.

I'm a huge bare minerals fan and this blusher is my newest addition to my quick fix picks, it is from the up and coming collection True Romantics. The collection isn't out until February but they had a pre sale so I jumped on it and ordered the Swoon blusher. The colour is a perfect spring pink with a hint of coral, it's truly is the most natural and healthy looking blush ever. Plus it has a gorgeous rose gold coloured lid that I'm just loving, I want it all!

Such a great scrub! Just enough exfoliation to be used everyday and buffs the skin nicely,  it's super gentle and leaves my skin  feeling so refreshed and clean with out feeling stripped or dry. A little of this facial scrub goes a long way you only need a tiny amount to do the job well.

My usual foundation is the bare minerals original, but on a morning I just use this primer to get me out the door. With it being the brighting primer it adds a healthy glow and brightness to my skin with no fuss.  When I get back from drop off  I can come home and buff the foundation in to my skin and I have my base good to go.

While I don't use this every day this is for those times where the extra coverages is needed,  it's so great for under eyes, concealing blemishes and any uneven patches that need a little something. It's lovely and creamy, doesn't crease and goes on so smooth. 

So there we have it a little peek in to my daily "go to" products, this whole routine takes under 5 minuets easily. When I things aren't so busy or I know am out for the day I will spend more time and use extra products, but also there are days when a good lick of moisturiser does the trick.
I'd love to know what your "quick go to" products are?

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