Thea Skincare

When it comes to skincare products I gravitate towards ones that are as natural as possible, recently I was sent some skincare products by the award winning brand Thea to try.

Thea products are vegan friendly, paraban, sulphate, artificial fragrance free and not tested on animals so straight away it ticked a box for me.

"Thea is about natural beauty by giving more and more women and men of all colours the best most affordable skincare products to help them look after their skin......."

I got to try the Coffee & Shea Butter Body Scrub and also the Toning Body Cream, I was so excited to give them a try as I always notice a difference in my skin when the seasons change, usually my skin dries out much more in autumn and winter so I'm always on the look out for lovely nourishing products.

First up the cream and body scrub smell truly amazing!  You can tell by the scent there is no nasties in them, just gorgeous natural goodness. The products felt luxurious and good on my skin and left it
feeling soft and hydrated, I love any excuse to do a mini home spa and these felt like a real treat for my skin.


  1. Wow, that's what I was searching for, what a stuff! I really like the way you describe. A good body lotion is an essential part of a good skincare regime. So i regularly use sakare's body lotions.

  2. Very cool. I'm considering order one.

  3. The normal stuff that you've read about staying healthy applies to maintaining skin health. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Teen beauty tips


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