1, Mama time.
2, Totoro is always a winner in our home
3, Prepping ice tea for yoga class
4, Avocado for the win
5, Happy new sofa day to us! cant wait to style the room up.
6, Pancake day, lemon and golden syrup is my poison.

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No true bohemian soul is ever too far away from flowers, whether it be in your hair or your home. I'm a huge lover of flowers and love nothing more than fresh blooms dotted around my home.

When it comes to flowers I love the rustic "just picked from the garden" look, it suits my personality and style. When I had the opportunity to collaborate with Wild Flowers Company I jumped at the chance.  They are a UK based company that pride themselves on getting beautiful British grown and seasonal blooms into your home.

The whole package is beautiful, you receive a lovely box filled with raffia tied flowers ready to arrange in one large bouquet or split up and use in different rooms around your home, our bundle was huge and lasted 10 days. They would look so pretty split up into mason jars or milk bottles along a windowsill or table centre. Take a peek here at some of the stunning styles, Serious heart eyes!

What truly appealed to me about Wild Flowers Company was how they are breaking the mould with how flower arrangements are delivered and styled.  I love the idea of having a seasonal flower subscription delivered to you or a loved one, it's a great way to experiment with flowers and find new favourites.

They even have a pregnancy package which I think is such a lovely idea, it would make the sweetest Mum-to-be Mothers day gift and can be sent during or after pregnancy.

Flowers are a gorgeous gesture whether it be as a thank you, birthday, thinking of you or event like mothers day and lets be honest who doesn't love receiving a flower bouquet especially when they are so effortless and unique

I'm incredibly excited to offer bohomixology readers a discount to use at Wild Flowers Company you can receive 20% off any order until 31st March 2015 with the code BOHO20, why not treat  yourself, Mum, friend or someone special and see what all the fuss is about?!

Which Wild Flower Company bundle is your favourite?

Master Mixer

I love a good mix of patterns in my rooms, I think it adds interest, texture, colour and personality, plus it's a really easy way to change up a space for a cheap quick fix from season to season. Here are a few simple ideas that will make you a master of pattern mixing!



One of the best places to start when mixing prints is by adding a spot, strip or monochromatic print in a colour that matches your d├ęcor. This way you know it will flow well and it's a perfect first step to mastering mixing.



When it comes to pattern mixing cushions, try having one or an odd amount. With large spaces I find it's best to start with three and then add to the collection if needed.  You will find mixing patterns and odd numbers flow really well together and often instantly work on things like sofas, beds or other large pieces.



Another fun way to mix things up is with scale, chose patterns with contrasting design sizes this will add texture, interest and leave your space feeling like its not competing to be seen. Try oversized prints with ditsy prints or pin stripes.



-Natural and painterly mixed with methodical structured designs.
-Classic or traditional prints mixed with contemporary designs
-Mixed textures in similar colours
-Adding a polka dot or strip to existing patterns





Let's be honest, sometimes you got to break the rules to get to the good stuff.  You home should be a reflection of you and your style, so if you see something and it works for you then go for it!


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