Morning Glory.

Tea is totally my thing! don't get me wrong I also love coffee, but my heart belongs to tea.  I have tried and owned many brands and styles but hadn't yet tried the teapigs everyday brew morning glory (how it had got past me I will never know) 

I had the change to give it a try for two weeks to see what I thought, so honestly what did I think?!

Unlike a lot of teas teapigs use whole tea leaves in their temples (also known as the super cool looking roomy teabag) this makes a huge difference, the whole tea making ritual changes.

When brewing a cup of any teapigs tea you need to give it a little time to brew and release all the good stuff, and lets be honest if you can't take a few minuets to brew a proper tasty cup of tea then what's the point?

My first brew resulted in me actually saying wow out loud, the flavour was amazing. It was strong, refreshing and so flavoursome. Everything you want in a cuppa' when you wake up in the morning.

This tea would make the most delicious iced tea, I'm daydreaming of warmer days and batches of sweet peach iced tea, yum.

I love what teapegs are doing and how they are just ace-in the tea game, two big thumbs up from me.

What's your favourite kind of tea? 

     You can also check out the teapigs macha tea challenge that I did in January here.

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