To explain a mala in the simplest way they are a set of beads that are traditionally used during meditation and prayers. They also go by other names such as prayer beads or japa beads. 

In Sanskrit which its a classical Indian language the word mala means meditation garland, your beads are a guide to help you keep track of you mantras, prayers and meditations.

I have been making mala beads for a few years and find the process incredibly meditative, i recently reopened my Etsy shop called Sweet Bodhi HC, in it you can find vintage bohemian jewellery and my handmade mala beads. 

As a way to celebrate my etsy reopening i'm running a giveaway over at my shop instagram @sweet.bodhi 

Hopefully you could be the lucky winner :)


  1. wow! love them all!

  2. very nice indeed. for those that can't get enough - do check out more handmade jewelry from artisans worldwide on https://www.discovered.us/shop/jewelry


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