Kitchen daydreams


We all have an idea of what our dream kitchen would look like, currently in my home its the one space I desperately want to make over sometime soon.

Recently I was contacted to say I had been put forward for an Amara Blog Award which is incredibly exciting and I'm just thrilled to be in the voting stage.

I also got an opportunity to share my idea of a dream kitchen in a mini article, it has been posted here today! Can you guess which one is the kitchen I picked out?

I would be incredibly thankful if you spare a second to vote for bohomixology here or via the blog button in the top right, a big thank you in advance.

How does your ideal/dream kitchen look?


  1. Voted for ya! And now I cannot stop planning my dream kitchen in my head. I think Pinterest and I will be getting together soon to plan this out :)

    1. Thank you so much! I have been doing the same :)

      Zoe x


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