Getting Autumn Ready

A Character Cottage : Country style living room by Heart Home magazine
Once again it's that time of year (is it just me or is it flying by?!) where summer is starting to slowly creep away and signs of autumn are close by.  I love seeing the transition between seasons and switching up everything to fit.

During the summer months I love everywhere to feel fresh, light and airy.  Everyday, wherever possible I like to open all my window and doors and spend as much time outside as we can.

But now those days are very much numbered I want to create a warm and comforting space.  The base of my home is very simple and easily transformed with accessories and soft furnishings, usually the first place that gets a seasonal makeover within my home is the living room. 

The first thing I like to do is change up all the cushions on my sofa and chairs, it's such a simple and quick way to refresh a space plus it doesn't break the bank!  I reach for much richer colours that are earthy in tone, also I love adding anything with an interesting and cosy texture.

Candles are my next port of call, I'm a huge lover of a scented candle especially in my living room.  I'm one of those people who has a fragrance that suits the current season.  During autumn I choose scents that are warm, woody and spicy.

Not only do candles smell gorgeous I love the comforting glow they give off on an evening, which make any room automatically feel snug and the ideal setting for curling up with a good book. Also what bohemian home would be without them?!

The final thing I like to do to transition my living room is add in some more blankets and throws, I have one I crocheted which stays in all year round but adding something in a faux fur or sheepskin really add that comfort that's wanted as the days get colder.

The best thing about these mini makeover is they are not expensive to do and you can easily suit them to your budget, you can really refresh and change up a space without having to dedicate much time or money.  Plus you can always store away your other items and get them out next season instead of purchasing things each season.

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  1. Love the wood ceiling of the cozy living room! Happy autumn!


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