Happy Autumn

Happy Autumn!  With today being the first day of autumn I thought I would share a few things I love to do during this season.

 -Collect apples from my grandparents tree to make lots of yummy things with.
-Go for long walks in the moors or park and find crispy leave to kick about.
-Start a new crochet project.
-Watch practical magic a million times.
-Read, a lot!
-Start watching Sabrina the teenage witch boxset with Penny.
-Overkill my love of pumpkin spiced things
-making these. Hearteyes! 

I'm pretty sure this list will grow rapidly but so far that my must do's.  Do you have any autumn/fall rituals or traditions?


  1. I love this time of year...I like your list...Practical Magic yep....:) making pumpkin bars...canning the harvest....cleaning up the garden, long walks in the woods...making candles for the Full & New Moon .... getting the blankets & sweater out...I love the cool weather...:)

    1. So glad to hear im not the only person addicted to Practical Magic at this time of year! Pumpkin bars sound so good, bet the are yummy. Your Autumn list sounds perfect.

      Zoe xx

  2. My favorite thing to do when Autumn starts is to make pumpkin and quince jam and walking in the beach, now that it isn't anybody there, its so quiet. And reading a loooot, too.

    Joana Verde

    1. Love the idea of making Jam at this time of year! I also enjoy beach walks during the cold season and how it has a completely different atmosphere. Thank for sharing these with me.

      Zoe xx


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