My yoga teacher training #1

I took my first official yoga class at 16, I had dabbled with a few poses thanks to the help of an old 1970's book that I found in my grans loft (which was my mums from back in the day) but my journey really started  just after leaving school.

I took a local class with a teacher called Peter, he lit incense, played hypnotic sitar music and chimed bells at the start of each vinyasa flow. I LOVED it!

Right there and then I knew at some point I would teach yoga. I started college, then went to uni, adventured with my then boyfriend now husbands band, joined and toured with a band as a drummer and had my babies. I never found the timing to be right. But the ride was a blast so i wasn't to worried.

Only now everything has fallen in to place and I have began my yoga teaching adventure. I'm crazy excited about the journey and look forward to this new chapter. I look forward to documenting and sharing my experience here.


  1. Excellent and always. I've never thought about yoga but you make me want to look further into it. Keep up the superb work.

  2. Good luck zoe. I will look out for your progress. Hope you go far.


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