Wallpaper adventures

When I was at university my degree was in textiles and surface design, It was so much fun!  I got to create designs for interiors, fashion and gift.  So as you can imagine I have a big love for prints and pattern.

This week is national wallpaper week and it runs from the 5th-11th October. When the opportunity arose to team up with Graham & Brown to celebrate of course I said yes. They are a company I have used with in my home over the years and studied designs during my uni years.

I decided to use my hallway as the space to makeover. So often they are a place that isn't made to feel special and are just the room to get from one place to another. I wanted to change this.  As its the first place you see when you enter the house, I wanted to use this place to set the scene for the rest of my home. I decided I wanted a calm and inviting look.

As you read my blog I'm pretty sure you know what my style is like and the kind of things I love. The word I am using to start my hall concept is calm. I'm going to share my progress with you to see how this project evolves.

To me calm is natural earthy tones with colours that are relaxing and soothing. The paper I picked out as my base is this one Kells Ikat Wallpaper but this one was a close second. Amazing or what?! Check out more about national wallpaper week here 

So watch this space for my update and find out how I got on playing decorator. Whats your thoughts on wallpaper, love it or hate it? Have you ever DIY decorated?


  1. Your first choice is very nice, calming, but wow, that second choice! What a stand out! Interesting, unique, fun, a conversation starter, a traffic stopper! You can choose what you want, but for me, I'd go with the second choice. I think I'd never tire of the second choice, I'm even trying to think where I could use a roll of it. I haven't stripped wall paper for centuries and swear I'd never ever put it up again, but now I think using a statement paper (like choice #2!) would be a very good thing (in a small-ish area where you felt the freedom to have something special, just for yourself). Will stay tuned.

    1. Its pretty amazing isnt it!! it really would make the most beautful statment wall. As all my rooms are almost finished i cant find a place for it to go....yet. Trust me i really tried :) let me know if you find a space to use it, i would love to see

      Zoe x


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