A Twig and Dot holiday

It's no secret I'm a huge lover of candles, just try and show me a fellow bohemian who isn't! At the start of a season I enjoy nothing more that picking out a scented candle to burn within my home. Of course the holiday season is probably one of the best times to pick out fragrances to fill your home with, I love how a scent can whisk you way instantly and get you in the festive spirit.

This year I have been trying out Twig and Dot 2015 Christmas collection, oh my! as I mentioned I love seasonal scents but I still have a particular scent style which generally airs on the side of crisp and natural. The two I am currently burning are sleigh ride and merry kissmas.

Sleigh ride has a really fresh, crisp smell which I think is gorgeous over the holidays, especially with all the spiced holiday baking and cooking. When it comes to pine candles I think they have to be a high quality blend to avoid the "bathroom cleaner smell" so many seem to have. Sleigh ride achieve this perfect blend when burned, it really does have a delicate natural pine fragrance and mixed with the fir and resin result in the ideal crisp, fresh holiday. 

My other candle is merry kissmas which is a completely difference scent style. Merry kissmas has a bright, fruity and lively smell, the blend has cranberry, pomegranate and mistletoe (it would be a perfect thanksgiving candle also) it makes the room deliciously tart and juicy. I had a lot of compliments on this fragrance as it's quite unusual.  It is definitely festive but would be a gorgeous candle to burn throughout autumn and winter. I wish I had the merry kissmas in a large jar because that and sleigh ride smell amazing when burned together, like seriously amazing! They blend together so well.

The packaging for Twig and Dot candles are gorgeous and would make beautiful gifts. They are hand poured in a white milk glass style jar and  the large ones are finished off with a silver lid to cover between burning.  I love how clean the design is and because of this they honestly would suit any home style throughout the year! The burn time for these candles are pretty good, the large jars are 30-40 hours and the votive jars 5-8 hours.

On the Twig and Dot pinterest they have a board dedicated to the scent of their holiday candles here is sleigh ride and here is merry kissmass, such a fun way to get a visual vibe for the scent!

Warming Root soup

When winter comes by I love nothing more than hearty soups and crusty bread rolls, they are super warming, comforting and just the ticket for chilly days.  Honestly, they are so quick and easy to do, you can make a huge batch to keep in the fridge as easy lunches for the week ahead.

This soup is so easy it doesn't really have a set in stone recipe as such!  How I start is by washing and cutting fresh beetroot, carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips (sometimes I add in butternut squash if I'm making a huge batch) roast all the veg in the oven with a good grate of fresh nutmeg, black pepper and rock salt. Roast until soft, tender and caramalised, which is roughly around 45 minutes give or take and depending on your oven. Now mix up a pint of vegetable stock (once again depending on how thick you like your soup you can use more if needed).

Once your vegetables are soft and well cooked you will blend your vegetables with the stock in a food processor to your perfect consistency.  Add the soup to the pan and put in a good teaspoon of garam masala, crushed garlic and a pinch of cinnamon. Heat up and give the spices a chance to cook through. Serve with plenty of coriander, drizzle of chilli oil and a hot fresh roll. Yum! and enjoy.

I know this is all very vague for a recipe but that's part of the fun, you can't really get it wrong and you can tweak it to what you like, try adding in other vegetables, beans or pulses. And honestly with all the yummy ingredients used you just know what ever you do it's going to taste delicious. 

The beauty in the broken.

- - - - -

How beautiful are these?!  I have such a love for old Polaroid photos,  you really can find beauty in the broken.

Getting ready for the holidays

How are we storming through November already?  I feel like I have blinked and it's time to prepare for Christmas again. Not that I'm complaining!

I love nothing more than getting my home ready for the holiday season, while I don't fully decorate my home until December 1st, I start to filter out the autumn decor and bring in the winter stuff throughout November.

A great way to get in the Christmas spirit is by lighting some gorgeous winter inspired candles, I am a huge lover of candles and it's the first thing I add to my home to get me in the festive spirit. Currently I'm between two scents, which are cinnamon chai and the other is fresh pine. They smell soooo good.

I get so much of my Christmas decor from Homesence, we have a great one in Newcastle which I pop into on route home from my yoga training (probably more than I should admit). 

I got all our stockings from Homesence and almost all of our decor, apart from some pieces that have been handed down from family. It's a great one stop shop for unique, quality items plus they offer something for everyones taste and style. I love the place!

When it comes to decorating I have a few things on my check lists that are a must:

- A pretty wreath for my front door.
- Seasonal fragrances candles everywhere.
- A new decoration to add to the collection.
- Festive mugs for hot chocolate and spiced chai. Yum!

This year I am after a few extras to add to my Christmas home decor, I really fancy a garland to go across the arch in my kitchen, some festive hand towels and a little tree for the kids room. I have to admit I'm feeling extremely Christmasy this year!  

How do you decorate and prepare your home for the holidays?

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Hello Monday

Happy Monday!  Let be honest most of the time Mondays get pretty bad press, so here are a few idea that will make your day just peachy.  What do you do to make your Monday a little sweeter?

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