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This year I have been pretty good with my Christmas shopping, but let me be honest there are always a few last minute dashes to grab a few extras, or you might be like my brother who is notorious for doing 99% of his shopping on Christmas eve!

While most of my shopping is done I'm guilty of going out and grabbing a last few bits and pieces, in fact that was on today's to-do list. HomeSense is one of my favourite haunts for gifts, no matter who I'm buying for (including myself) I can always find a bunch of options so it's always my first port of call.

HomeSense have such a great collection of unique gifts for everyone and every style. One of my favourite gifts to buy from there are photo frames, they have some beautiful Indian wooden ones in all shapes and sizes then you can personalise them with a lovely photos to give to friends or family.

Another great gift idea is perusing there food and condiments section, I love that bit! You can always find beautifully packaged goodies and yummy sounding treats, you can collect some great bits and bobs to make a hamper to gift and in the words of my Grandpa "if you can't eat or drink a gift then what's the point".

One last gift idea or add on gift is buying a pretty holiday decoration for the tree, I think they make a great gift.  In my local HomeSense they had doughnut and dinosaurs decoration, they were so cute! Plus they have such a huge collection of amazing designs so you will surly find one to fit their style.

What's your top gift buys for the holidays?

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  1. I love giving homemade things! Sweets, candles, bath stuff e.t.c. Also I love giving things with meaning, like fair trade coffee, or smth purchased in a charity store! Although I love giving presents I 'm rarely on time because I hate deadlines :/ But it's the thought that matters right? :)


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