How is it already December 7th?! We decorated our house pretty early this year which was on the 29th of November. We usually wait until the first weekend in December but what can I say I'm feeling pretty festive.

I love sifting through my decoration collection each year, a lot of them have lovely memories, I have so many gifted from family and friends, including a very loved one from my Great Granny (as a kid I always loved a specific velour red bauble and blue bubbly glass bauble, and now I love that they have pride of place on my tree). Personally I think sentimental decorations are so much more special for this time of year.

My gorgeous twig and dot candle is still going strong and filling my home with an incredibly festive scent. Plus I gave my homemade door wreath a mini makeover which I'm pretty happy with, I like the idea of changing it up each year.

 However you celebrate the season, happy holidays.

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