My yoga teacher training #2

This weekend the second installment of my yoga teacher training, you can read my first post hereSaturday and Sunday were two extremely jam packed days of studying, I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home!

When we first arrived we began by doing a mini meditation and breathing exercises to get us ready for the day ahead, it's a great way to switch off from everything and really get focused on what's in store.

The morning consisted of working through anatomy and physiology, currently we are specifically studying the legs, hips, core and spine.

You have to complete an exam showing your understanding of the human body's nervous, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but you do get specific reading materials for this which is The Concise Human Body Book.

Our teacher likes to do this straight away at the beginning of the course so everyone has a certain level of understanding. I actually completed this last year just before the holidays, the A&P lessons now are more revisiting and revising what we had learnt and building on our knowledge.

After this we get on the mat and practise some mini flows and work in pairs teaching and correcting each others practise, this is a great preparation for getting your eye accustomed to helping people with their alignment in postures.

On the afternoon we studied some asanas, this time we dissected a few specific ones which are Tadasana (Mountain pose), Shavasana (corpse pose), Uttanasana (deep forward fold) to really understand the meaning, alignments, Sanskrit etc. The book I personally like to help with my asanas is The Yoga Bible, though it's a small reference book it has a great range of postures and information. It would also make a brilliant book if you had a home practise or want to learn some new asanas.

We also briefly dipped in to some yoga history in a time line form, we study this in much more depth later in the course which I'm really looking forward to. Also we began to study some of the classic Indian texts, the first one we are looking at is Patanjali. There are many translations of these texts but we are specifically reading this copy of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Finally our last area of study this weekend was starting to write and work on our own relaxations, this is the section I'm most intimidated by. I love the meditation at the end of yoga class and my personal teacher is amazing at creating the perfect relaxation experience, I really want that for my students so this is something I really want to get right. I'll let you know how I get on.

The end of our sessions always end in a breathing exercise and meditation, which is just the ticket after such heavy days.

So there we have it, our first proper teacher training weekend.  It's incredibly intense but really interesting. I have wanted to do this for so long I'm super excited it's finally happening.

Also in my previous post I mentioned a book that first got my interested in yoga, an unbelievably I found it on Amazon! It's called Yoga (Know the Game). It's crazy how this little book has set such a path in my life!

   My yoga mat is from FP Movement at Free People UK!and I love it! Freepeople collaborated with Jade Yoga, it has great grip plus Jade Yoga mats are eco friendly and made from natural rubber. 

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  1. Awesome post, it was really insightful! I definitely want to check out "Yoga- Know the Game" too. Thanks! Angie

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to sharing more as the course progresses :). The book is great, it's really informative plus has the cool 70s images

      Zoe x


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