"I don’t perceive freedom to be sitting on a beach, drinking cocktails a few times a year. I think real freedom is getting up everyday and creating work I will always enjoy."

My "With These Hands" posts are all about sharing amazing designer/makers with the world no matter how big or small. Lily Blaise is a new venture for Lily Gallagher, She creates the most amazing ethical dolls, of which quite frankly, I want a whole collection! 

What I love about her work is these dolls are like your traditional rag dolls cooler hippy cousin, with their dreamy dreaded hair, hand stitched bindi's and clothes you might expect to see in freepeople. What's not to love? 

Each doll is beautifully handcrafted using organic, recycled and fair trade materials. Just one of these bohemian beauties can take a full day to create and this shows, the quality and precision is amazing. 

She is incredibly talented within her craft, each hand and foot are filled with rice and the calico is dyed with tea to create life like skin tones, all organic of course. The dreads are made using stunning multi-tonal pure wool, Is it possible to have dread envy over a doll?!

As a textile graduate I have such a huge appreciation for textile goods, and currently me and my 6 year old are debating who gets to display this gorgeous soul in their space.

You can fin lily over on her website, Pinterest, Instagram, facebook and tumblr.

My other favourite doll is Ula, isn't she gorgeous! Which one is your favourite?


  1. What a cool concept! Nothing wrong with dread envy... I think I'm having it too now!


    1. Totally! Do you have a favourite one?

      Zoe x

  2. What a cute dolls!


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