bear ears


I'm so into double buns, they seem to be something I'm pinning quite a bit.  My hair is pretty short at the moment (well, short for me) it's just above my shoulders with some long choppy layers, I find quick and easy "I made a bit of effort" hairstyles can be a little tricky for this length. 

All hail the double buns also known as bear ears in our house thanks to my daughter! It's just the quick fix I need, plus I can get my layers in with out a million bobby pins. I love the ones above, they feel totally wearable with out feeling to 90's throwback.

Any other bob ladies out there? how do you tame your locks on busy days?


  1. I'm obsessed with the double buns, too! Such a cute hairstyle for us boho gals. ;) Haha, bear ears. I can't handle the cuteness! A wee bit of grapeseed oil helps tremendously for those unruly layers. And don't's not a greasy oil. ;) I have a post all about Grapeseed oil if you would like to check it out sometime! xx

    Autumn | A Fabulous Hippie

    1. They are so effortless aren't they! I will have to try the grapeseed oil trick, I shall be sure to have a peek at your post.

      Zoe x


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