Crystals & stones

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If you are a long term follower of my blog you will probably know that I love to make mala beads, I also run a little etsy shop called Sweet Bodhi where I can sell them.

The process of making malas is so meditative but you really need a lot of patience some days!  One of my favourite parts is planning out the beads and choosing the crystals to add to a set.

Looking in to all the meanings and colours is super interesting, making each set incredibly unique and special. Crystals have been something I have always been drawn to. I remember in my teens every Saturday I would head over to this lovely little holistic shop in town, they sold incense, candles, and of course crystals. 

I love now I can incorporate them in to my malas and work with them most days, my favourite crystals and stones are turquoise, citrine, clear quartz, amethyst and Peruvian opal, but honestly I kind of love them all!

D you have a favourite crystal or stone? How do you use them?

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