Quite a while back I watched the docufilm The Source Family, think California, hippy, meditation, health food and communal living. Of course I completely loved it!  Thanks to my blogger buddy Gabi from moon to moon, she shared a post recently on the source family and I knew I had to re-watch it.  What I would do for some of the dresses and robes they wore!

Originally Jim Baker aka Father Yod aka YaHoWa as he was known in the final years was the main man, he would assign the members whimsical names like Isis, Lotus, Electricity, Galaxy and Orbit to name a few, they also all changed their last names to Aquarian. When the who gang marched down to City Hall to register their name change some even chose to have the middle name The. I.e Magus the Aquarian.

I often wonder what my name would have been had I ran away with a healthy eating, yoga loving hippy cult. Zoe the aquarian doesn't have quite the same ring as something like Stardust or Moonbeam.

I found a re-issued copy of the book Liberation which was written by Father Yod back in 1973, I'm just about to start reading it and I'm pretty sure it should be quite a radical and interesting read for sure. I'll let you know how I get on with it!

Have you seen the film or read any source family books? Also what aquarian name would you have chose back in the day?


  1. This looks amazing, did you watch via download or DVD? I'd love to see this x

    1. It's a great watch! I have the download, you can purchase it on the source family website :)

      Zoe x


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