the other duckling

Trinkets and treasures are two of my all time favourite things, if I had my way I would have curios in every corner, nook and cranny, but having two smalls kids reminds me daily this would be a bad idea (not that it really stops me to be honest).

The other duckling is a beautiful online shop filled with eclectic collections and vintage treasures, and my favourite part is the amazing collection of vintage Indian wears! *Hearteyes.

With everything from hand carved lassie cups, vintage teacup lamps to cups and cards it would be almost an impossibility to find something you didn't fall in love with. I adore that they have a section for housewarming gifts, they have a great selection of unique gift ideas that would make any recipient more than happy. 

Erica and Andrew escaped the big city, headed to the country and embarked on a interior and gift adventure, you can find them over on facebook, online shop, twitter, Pinterest and learn a little more about their beautiful shop and wears.

Which items would you chose for your home?


  1. Oh my stars I just fell in love with this shop! Treasures indeed:) I adore those lassi cups! <3

    1. It's beautiful isnt it! I honestly could buy it all hahah :)

      Zoe x


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