Adventure on the deep blue sea

I truly believe travel is one of the most important things we can do as people, it can teach us so much about others and ourselves. While I have been lucky enough to visit many amazing places, I'm still nowhere near at completing my travel wish list and I'm pretty sure many of you are the same! I get a serious case of wanderlust more than I care to admit. 

Now generally speaking (though there has been some places that are exceptions) I'm a gal who likes sunny days, balmy night and places to explore and adventure. I'm certainly one of those people who would love to chase the endless summer, when I do travel I like to see as much of that place and its surrounding area as possible. 

My cousin is a private chef and recently got the opportunity to work on a beautiful yacht for a client, his first adventure was a few months in the Caribbean, seeing all his stunning photos and hearing about all the stop off's and places he got to see, not only gave me a bad case of wanderlust but got me thinking about our next adventure.

The Caribbean is somewhere I have yet to visit, but trust me it's certainly on my list, and even more so after seeing some many amazing photos and hearing about all the beautiful places to see.

The best part is all the Caribbean daydreams about gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise seas are pretty much how it is! While I'm sat here in rainy England that vision is really resonating with me right now! I joined up with Thomson holidays to show you just some of the Caribbean cruiseand places you can visit while setting sail.

One of the first things that pulls me in about taking a cruise is getting to visit multiple places in one trip, I see that as a huge plus. Before we go away I love researching places and finding things to do on a trip. I just love the idea of having a new adventure waiting each morning and having the whole day to explore a new place, just think of how much you could see and experience in just a week! Plus they offer so many options you can easily tick off some of those bucket list places you must visit. 

Something else that I find a appealing is actually getting to relax, as I mentioned I like to see as much a possible, this often means we do a lot of travel in-between to get to other places. So cutting out on the travel time but still visiting multiple places sounds ideal and actually pretty relaxing, so many times we have come back from a holiday feeling like we need a holiday. As we also have two kiddos more often than not they aren't into quite so much travelling from A to B so we often need some much needed down time.

I'm definitely drawn to places with beautiful turquoise seas so why not adventure on it! Plus travel is all about trying new things and gaining experiences so maybe it might be something fun to consider one day (hopefully sooner than later). Sign me up!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Cruising is not something I have considered, but after reading this it certainly seems to make so much sense, especially with having a young family, what a great way for them to see our world.


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