March Favourites

I have never done a favourites post before, but personally I do like checking them out on people blogs or YouTube videos. I think they are a great way to come across new brands or items. Whether it's because March is my birthday month,  I have recently got a few items I am completely loving, so I thought I would share them with you all.


Nina Mantra is a beautiful shop on Etsy, her jewellery is actually perfect!  Her designs are simple, modern but also look like you could have found them hundreds of years ago. I was lucky enough to receive the insight necklace for mothers day from my kiddos, which fell on the 6th of march in England.


Since I started my yoga teacher training (you can read more about that here and here) I have been wanting some sort of log book to keep track of my personal practice.  I wanted somewhere I can set personal goals and jot down my yoga journey. We are encourage to have a yoga journal where we can note how each practice or lesson goes. I chose the Mambi extension pack as you can easily add or remove pages with its disc ring system which is really cool. 


This winter my skin really suffered, typically I have combination skin but recently it has been so dry and in need of some extra hydration. I decided to switch up my skincare and see if that made a difference.  This is a new serum by origins and it's gorgeous! It's light, smooth, non greasy and leaves my skin feeling really soft and its actually making a dramatic difference in reducing my pores which is a bonus.


Another new to me product. This stuff smells so so good! its a beautiful lightweight, hydrating and refreshing moisturising cream, since using this I have noticed a big difference in how bright my skin is looking. I'm finally feeling hydrated and content with how my skin feels,  a big salute to origins!  I'm looking forward to trying out a few more of their products, and maybe doing a full switch if they are anything like the two I tried this month.


I mean what more can I say these shoes are classics, I love the Arizona Birkenstocks for spring and summer, this time I ordered a pair in the colour stone.


When is comes to make up I'm pretty brand loyal with bare minerals, its honestly my favourite make up and it works well on my skin. Complexion rescue is a gorgeous tinted hydrating cream, its super lightweight and sheer but can be built up for a fuller coverage if you want that. I love the stuff and use the colour vanilla.


This was another new product for me this month, I had been dying to try it since it came out. It's a lovely creamy concealer that covers (naturally) well and doesn't crease, Whoop whoop! I like to apply mine with a damp beauty blender and some mornings its all I  need with a little added blush to warm things up. For this I use the shade Light.


Palmstones are such a lovely de-stresser,  I like to keep them in my pockets or on my bedside table. However I noticed I don't have anything rose quartz, so we had to fix that.


When I was at primary school each birthday my mum would buy me a big bag of mini eggs to share out with my friends at playtime, It became quite the tradition and I have received a bag each and every year since. They are so good and I still love to share them out.

So that concludes my March favourites, let me know what you think of them. What have been your faves during march?


  1. My March Favoutire is the long weekend.

  2. Great post! I've heard amazing things about Origins and that moisturiser sounds lovely. Also, after reading this I really want to try the bare minerals concealer:)


    1. The moisturiser is gorgeous! And even though it's a tad pricey a little goes a long way. As for the bare minerals concealer it's well worth a try, I naturally have dark circles and it covers them so well but still looks so natural! Let me know if you try them out and what you think.

      Zoe x


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