Underwater love


When I came across the first image it totally made me think of mermaids, I'm pretty sure they would be swimming around rocking some amazing iridescent make up.

While it's not something I could imagine me wearing, I really love the idea of having a really subtle iridescent tint especially with a natural dewy make up. Maybe just a little dab of something in the centre of the eye lids or lips. I might just have to have a dabble!

I guess if you wanted something a little less daring a pale or clear iridescent nail polish would be a perfect little hint of shine.

What do you think, fancy unleashing your inner mermaid?


  1. Mermaid Beauty is such an inspiration! Whether subtle or more daring it's worth it to try and look like these magical creatures!

    1. I completely agree! I'm already on the hunt for the perfect subtle iridescent shadow :)

      Zoe x


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