Wall Worthy

I'm one of those people (like many) who take photos of everything, phones make it so accessible to document daily life now. Most of the time the photos that don't make it to instagram or facebook stay stuck in a file on the computer for another day. 

I'm a sucker for memory keeping especially now as a Mum, but while there are many times I think "I will never forget this" unfortunately I do, until a song, smell, taste or photo reminds me again.

What I like about Cheerz is not only do they print out your photos in a cool polaroid or photobooth style photo, they also let you get interactive and hands on with your pictures if you fancy getting a little crafty

They have a really cool box called the La Boite A Photos it's basically a box with 40 of your photos and everything you need to create a photo garland! You get to finally have those photo memories up and be all arty in the process. Another thing is you can do it all on the computer or you can download the app and do it from your phone. Super easy!

The next thing I'm loving is their Diy Photo Book, you get a gorgeous flat lay photo album with matt black pages which really make your photos pop and stand out, plus each page had an adhesive sticker for easy placement. I'm dying to get a gold pen out to scribe some little words and snippets about each photo.

I have a few ideas of how I'm going to create my photos, I'll be sure to share them with you soon.

Want to bring your own memoires to life? Use the link here to get £4 off your first order.  What do you do with all the photos you take? 

*All views are my own


  1. Amo fotografias, também gosto de coloca-las na parede, mas a maioria ainda estão guardadas em arquivos.
    Casa Cherry

  2. Excellent but i prefer photo magnet of polaroid format


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