My yoga teacher training #3

Yoga training is coming on really well, each weekend I come home with so much more knowledge and information. It takes me the week after just to process it all! I'm not going to lie it can be pretty intense, but in a good way as there is so much to learn!

In the anatomy and physiology part of things we are currently studying the shoulder, we go in to detail about the bones, muscles and movement in that area etc. The human body is pretty unreal, it not until I started learning through my training how amazing it actually is! it really make you appreciate things.

We have began practising and planning micro lessons, its great because we are each given a different topic and then we have to create our lesson based on which one we get. We started with creating our own relaxation script, I was incredibly daunted by this at first but lucky I got a topic I was comfortable with so it went well... thank goodness! Now I feel much more confident about the relaxation side of the lessons, out of everything that was the one thing I was worried about the most.

I love the savasna at the end of my lessons, it's also an incredibly important part of practice so making sure everyone get to that deep level of relaxation was something I felt a lot of pressure over. But like anything these things come with time.

Another thing we are currently working on is pranayama with is basically the control of breath, we are starting with fully learning the basics of breathing techniques and will progress as times goes one. In a nutshell that's just a quick brief of what's going down in the yoga teaching. I have some new assignments to work on which include a micro lesson in breathing techniques, which I should actually be cracking on with right now! so on that note.......

For more on this check out posts #1 & #2.

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