Adventure awaits

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For me, Summer is the season of adventures and exploring, it's one of the things that I love the most about this time of year.  Now as much as I love England it's never really been known for it's amazing sunny summer days, I mean don't get me wrong when we do get them it's gorgeous and i couldn't be happier! but recently we have had more of our fair share of rainy overcast days. On days like this this is when my regular wave of wanderlust kicks in!

I have always been a bit of a daydreamer especially when it comes to places the world has to offer, but currently as our two kiddos are 6 and 2 we like to look for places that aren't to far a field, also there is so many beautiful places that are only a quick flight away like Tenerife in the Canary Islands, which has everything quiet secluded spots, beautiful beaches, mountains, hikes, party towns and even yoga retreats! 

When I was younger I had such a great time when I visited the island (it was for a girly holidays so admittedly I didn't get to see as much off the grid parts as I would if I went now) it has practically perfect weather all year round, which is always high on my "must have" list, sunny holiday destinations are more than likely to be my first choice.

Remembering back just one of the highlights from my trip was going on a yacht for whale and dolphin watching, it was incredible we got to see these beautiful creatures swimming around, it was one of the coolest things and I 100% would love my kids to experience seeing this.

Oh what I would do to be sitting on a pretty beach soaking up on some island life right now.Have you had the chance to visit the Canary Islands?

Tea with super powers

I'm pretty sure matcha is some sort of magical tea from above! however it's not, it's actually just green tea leaves from Japan, ground it to the most amazing green powder that kicks afternoon slumps in the bum. As the whole tea leaves are ground you get ALL nutrients, goodness and benefits.

When it comes to hot drinks I'm a tea girl all the way, I do enjoy coffee especially if it's iced but it does leave me feeling pretty jittery, so I limit my coffee intake and only have it occasionally. This is where matcha is my saviour!  One little scoop of this glowing green powder gets me right in the zone without any jitters, perfect.

I took part in the teapigs matcha challenge during may, it's where you have matcha everyday for 2 weeks in whichever way you like, be it; lattes, shots, smoothies or even added to food. It's actually incredibly versatile and really easy to add into your every day life, plus if the taste isn't something you dig it can be easily masked but you can still get all the amazing benefits.

When I took the challenge the first thing I noticed was the increase in my energy, and that was just on day one, plus I found it really helped me get stuff done especially on really hectic days. Some other benefits are helping with concentration, alertness, antioxidants, slow release energy, calorie burning and can help promote healthy skin! I'm certainly going to keep up with adding matcha into my daily routine and look forward to seeing more benefits over time. 

Do you use matcha? What's your favourite way to use it?

*All views are my own
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