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In the throw away culture we have rapidly embraced, nothing seems to hold any meaning anymore. We are quick to get rid and replace at the drop of a hat or because a current trend tells us to as it's no longer "in fashion" not only does that make us loose our own personal style it also plays havoc with the environment!

I feel like and believe if people only invested in things that truly filled them with joy they would be surrounded with pieces that they 100% love and want around them all the time, and then in turn they would only own things that would be a true representation of them and their personality.

Now I can hold my hands up, I have been guilty of falling into the occasional compulsive purchase from time to time because it was cheap or such a good deal, and as always it's not long before it's served its purpose or broke and I have let it go.  Some of my most treasured possessions are things that have been handed down from family and friends, those are the things that stand the test of time. Jewellery being one of them. This is also a perfect example of throw away culture.

So many places sell costume jewellery now which is filled with nasties our skin doesn't like, or faux gem stones created out of glass. Like many bohemian types, including me I'm sure you love crystals and gemstones, not only for their beautiful rainbow of colours but also there amazing properties. 

Let's get back to adorning ourselves with pieces that are so much more than "quite cute" and honestly it doesn't even have to break the bank now, you will have so much more than seasonal costume jewellery you will have something meaningful and sentimental and a true reflection of you.

Gemporia have an amazing campaign running called "Fake Nothing" they are on a mission to get people to adorn themselves in jewellery that is much more than a throw away fashion piece, they have an Aristotle quote saying "nature does nothing in vain"and let be honest who can argue with that?! 


  1. I abhor throwaway culture. I mean, there is nothing wrong with buying cheap stuff if you legitimately need the item and don't have a lot of money, but it's really healthier mentally, spiritually, and environmentally to savor your purchases and buy the longest lasting you can. I've been working on this the past two years and am honestly happier being surrounded by continuous beauty instead of a constant flow of things in and out. Great post idea btw.

    1. I totally agree! I also have been working on the things i own, slowly but surly i'm creating and changing up my space with items i completely love and adore. Thank you for stopping by.

      Zoe xx


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