Adventure awaits

Growing up we spent most of our days off at the Moors. We would go hiking, scrambling up rocks and trees and play in the streams for hours and have picnics with fondant fancies.  It was a huge part of my growing up!

My Grandpa was and still is incredibly adventurous and this is something that has rubbed of on us, he knows the moors like that back of his hand, where each trails goes and ends up, which hikes have the best views and most of all hundreds of tales to tell about them.

My brother and I decided it was time to get our boots on and do some of the challenge hikes our Gramps did over the years, so we have picked a few out and have started to prepare for them. After all we have a pretty good mentor!

Come spring we should be ready to start our adventures and I can't wait! Each weekend I will be heading out for a hike and hopefully, trek a further 2 miles each time.

Last weekend was my first "getting back out there walk, luckily I had my Target Dry Waterproof coat on because for 7 miles of the hike it was torrential rain! The jacket kept me super dry however my old hiking boots did not, time to retire them I think and invest in a new pair. This is all part of the fun, plus the views were so dramatic and eerie, perfect for October.

Saturdays walk was a bit more mellow as you can see from the photos, the weather was cool and crisp and thankfully dry. I currently have a pot of bean stew cooking away and we are just about to  head out for a mini hike to get in some extra miles (now my boots are finally dry)

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