Quite a while back I watched the docufilm The Source Family, think California, hippy, meditation, health food and communal living. Of course I completely loved it!  Thanks to my blogger buddy Gabi from moon to moon, she shared a post recently on the source family and I knew I had to re-watch it.  What I would do for some of the dresses and robes they wore!

Originally Jim Baker aka Father Yod aka YaHoWa as he was known in the final years was the main man, he would assign the members whimsical names like Isis, Lotus, Electricity, Galaxy and Orbit to name a few, they also all changed their last names to Aquarian. When the who gang marched down to City Hall to register their name change some even chose to have the middle name The. I.e Magus the Aquarian.

I often wonder what my name would have been had I ran away with a healthy eating, yoga loving hippy cult. Zoe the aquarian doesn't have quite the same ring as something like Stardust or Moonbeam.

I found a re-issued copy of the book Liberation which was written by Father Yod back in 1973, I'm just about to start reading it and I'm pretty sure it should be quite a radical and interesting read for sure. I'll let you know how I get on with it!

Have you seen the film or read any source family books? Also what aquarian name would you have chose back in the day?

Home Is Where The Art Is

Classic bohemian 

Adventure time


Kiss the cook

When it comes to your home and putting your mark on things I think one of the quickest ways to express this is through art!

Back in my Uni days I had a huge loft room in this big three story house.  It was so big I sectioned my room off to have a living space, sleep space and work space. One of the ways I decorated the sections was by using art prints (my degree was in design so I loved being surrounded by all things art). In my work space I would have prints that were inspiring, vibrant, energetic and made me want to create like this and this.  My living space would have 60-70s and music inspired prints like this one.

Fast forward a few years and I'm still decorating my home with art prints!  One thing I love to do is add art to unexpected spaces, our under stairs cupboard is our music hub. It's filled with guitars, amps and other weird and wonderful pieces of musical paraphernalia, we hung a huge Sonic Youth Goo poster in there and it adds a bit of fun to a typically unloved space. We also added them inside some cupboard doors and on the side of our fridge (clearly you can also add them in the traditional sense by hanging them on your walls). it's just another way to add your personality to a space if you have little wall space in certain rooms.

I'm also one of these people who likes to be seasonal, I love the ideas of switching up my prints to suit the seasons like this one for October or this over summer. This list is seriously endless and doesn't need to be expensive. 

Lets be honest, tastes can change, room design can change, even homes can change, so what better way to jazz up a space?!  King & McGaw have such a huge collection to suit every style, it's a great place to check out for art or inspiration. 

What are the prints you have or would have in your home?

     Did you see the amazing collection of Vogue archive prints? So cool seeing all the various print through out the eras 

bear ears


I'm so into double buns, they seem to be something I'm pinning quite a bit.  My hair is pretty short at the moment (well, short for me) it's just above my shoulders with some long choppy layers, I find quick and easy "I made a bit of effort" hairstyles can be a little tricky for this length. 

All hail the double buns also known as bear ears in our house thanks to my daughter! It's just the quick fix I need, plus I can get my layers in with out a million bobby pins. I love the ones above, they feel totally wearable with out feeling to 90's throwback.

Any other bob ladies out there? how do you tame your locks on busy days?

the other duckling

Trinkets and treasures are two of my all time favourite things, if I had my way I would have curios in every corner, nook and cranny, but having two smalls kids reminds me daily this would be a bad idea (not that it really stops me to be honest).

The other duckling is a beautiful online shop filled with eclectic collections and vintage treasures, and my favourite part is the amazing collection of vintage Indian wears! *Hearteyes.

With everything from hand carved lassie cups, vintage teacup lamps to cups and cards it would be almost an impossibility to find something you didn't fall in love with. I adore that they have a section for housewarming gifts, they have a great selection of unique gift ideas that would make any recipient more than happy. 

Erica and Andrew escaped the big city, headed to the country and embarked on a interior and gift adventure, you can find them over on facebook, online shop, twitter, Pinterest and learn a little more about their beautiful shop and wears.

Which items would you chose for your home?

A day for love

- - - - -

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I thought I would share a few of my favourite unconventional Valentine's Day gift ideas, I found all of these treasures on Etsy.
Let's be honest, flowers and chocolates are nice and something we all love but Crystal infused bath salts, bright pink oracle card or a ojo de dios named love of beauty are way more fun and cooler! Don't you agree?!

What would be your ideal Valentine's Day treat?

Crystals & stones

- - - - -

If you are a long term follower of my blog you will probably know that I love to make mala beads, I also run a little etsy shop called Sweet Bodhi where I can sell them.

The process of making malas is so meditative but you really need a lot of patience some days!  One of my favourite parts is planning out the beads and choosing the crystals to add to a set.

Looking in to all the meanings and colours is super interesting, making each set incredibly unique and special. Crystals have been something I have always been drawn to. I remember in my teens every Saturday I would head over to this lovely little holistic shop in town, they sold incense, candles, and of course crystals. 

I love now I can incorporate them in to my malas and work with them most days, my favourite crystals and stones are turquoise, citrine, clear quartz, amethyst and Peruvian opal, but honestly I kind of love them all!

D you have a favourite crystal or stone? How do you use them?

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