EAT OM UP - Vegan Chocolate Truffles

I have a big sweet tooth especially when it comes to chocolate, I often find that eating standard dairy chocolate leaves me feeling sickly, sluggish and never really gives me my chocolate fix.

This recipe for vegan truffles has been a family favourite in our house for a while, we have a couple of variations that we regularly make and each time they are a huge hit.

Now I'm pretty confident you will love this recipe as much as we do! I have converted many of my friends and family (some of whom are not veggie or vegan) and they are hooked, so much so that they are making the truffles for themselves, dinner party treats and gifts.

The best thing about them is a little goes a long way, you get your chocolate fix,  know the ingredients are good quality, and they are not filled with crap like regular shop bought chocolate. YEY! No taste or flavour is compromised, this stuff is pure luxury and its all good for you. You will have to try it to believe it.

This is super quick, easy, and great fun to make plus the basic mix only needs 3 ingredients.


1 cup melted raw coconut oil (I used vita coco)
1 cup maple syrup
3/4 cup pure powdered cocoa, plus a little extra for dusting (I used Bioglan


Very lightly melt your coconut oil in a bowl so it becomes a liquid. Next add in your maple syrup and cocoa powder, give it all a really good mix to make sure it's nice and smooth, this should take a few minuets, you can also use a cappuccino whisk to ensure it's extra smooth.

Place the bowl in the fridge for 10-15 minutes until it has lightly firmed up to the consistence of whipped cream (I like to mix it every couple of minutes during to cool down time to ensure a smooth truffle).

The next step is so much fun and a tad messy! Scoop around a teaspoon of truffle mix into a dusting bowl and quickly roll it in a ball, then pop it on a plate, you can add anything to dust your truffles, try cocoa, matcha, shredded coconut or nuts.

Place on a plate and pop them in the fridge or freezer to fully firm up, you can give them a second roll once cool if you want them less rustic looking. 

That's it you're all done! You will never want to reach for a crappy waxy generic chocolate bar again.


Coffee Truffles- just add a teaspoon or two of ground coffee to the basic mix (perfect for a mid-morning pick me up).

Coconut and cranberry- Mix chopped up dried cranberry's to the mix, then dust them with shredded coconut and top with a whole cranberry.

Peppermint- Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your mix, then dust in cocoa powder and ground dried mint leaves.

Orange Truffles- Simply add some orange extract to your mix, dust with cocoa powder and top with some orange zest.

Nut butter Swirl- Before your are ready to roll, swirl a few teaspoons of your favourite nut or seed butter through your mix, finish of by dusting with crushed nuts or cocoa powder.

Matcha Truffles- For this I just make the basic mix  then add some matcha for dusting, once again these are perfect for mid mornings and busy days.

    Not only do these little truffles taste like a slice of heaven they are also great to add to some plant based or dairy milk to make a yummy indulgent hot chocolate for the colder months. Plus you can store them wrapped individually in the freezer or fridge, if they last that long. This recipe is an entry into the #Swearbyit challenge with Vita Coco. Find more great coconut oil recipes and tips on using
coconut oil at

The list is endless here so get experimenting, be sure to leave me a comment with some of your combination ideas and let me know if you made them, I would love to know what you think!

Adventure on the deep blue sea

I truly believe travel is one of the most important things we can do as people, it can teach us so much about others and ourselves. While I have been lucky enough to visit many amazing places, I'm still nowhere near at completing my travel wish list and I'm pretty sure many of you are the same! I get a serious case of wanderlust more than I care to admit. 

Now generally speaking (though there has been some places that are exceptions) I'm a gal who likes sunny days, balmy night and places to explore and adventure. I'm certainly one of those people who would love to chase the endless summer, when I do travel I like to see as much of that place and its surrounding area as possible. 

My cousin is a private chef and recently got the opportunity to work on a beautiful yacht for a client, his first adventure was a few months in the Caribbean, seeing all his stunning photos and hearing about all the stop off's and places he got to see, not only gave me a bad case of wanderlust but got me thinking about our next adventure.

The Caribbean is somewhere I have yet to visit, but trust me it's certainly on my list, and even more so after seeing some many amazing photos and hearing about all the beautiful places to see.

The best part is all the Caribbean daydreams about gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise seas are pretty much how it is! While I'm sat here in rainy England that vision is really resonating with me right now! I joined up with Thomson holidays to show you just some of the Caribbean cruiseand places you can visit while setting sail.

One of the first things that pulls me in about taking a cruise is getting to visit multiple places in one trip, I see that as a huge plus. Before we go away I love researching places and finding things to do on a trip. I just love the idea of having a new adventure waiting each morning and having the whole day to explore a new place, just think of how much you could see and experience in just a week! Plus they offer so many options you can easily tick off some of those bucket list places you must visit. 

Something else that I find a appealing is actually getting to relax, as I mentioned I like to see as much a possible, this often means we do a lot of travel in-between to get to other places. So cutting out on the travel time but still visiting multiple places sounds ideal and actually pretty relaxing, so many times we have come back from a holiday feeling like we need a holiday. As we also have two kiddos more often than not they aren't into quite so much travelling from A to B so we often need some much needed down time.

I'm definitely drawn to places with beautiful turquoise seas so why not adventure on it! Plus travel is all about trying new things and gaining experiences so maybe it might be something fun to consider one day (hopefully sooner than later). Sign me up!

March Favourites

I have never done a favourites post before, but personally I do like checking them out on people blogs or YouTube videos. I think they are a great way to come across new brands or items. Whether it's because March is my birthday month,  I have recently got a few items I am completely loving, so I thought I would share them with you all.


Nina Mantra is a beautiful shop on Etsy, her jewellery is actually perfect!  Her designs are simple, modern but also look like you could have found them hundreds of years ago. I was lucky enough to receive the insight necklace for mothers day from my kiddos, which fell on the 6th of march in England.


Since I started my yoga teacher training (you can read more about that here and here) I have been wanting some sort of log book to keep track of my personal practice.  I wanted somewhere I can set personal goals and jot down my yoga journey. We are encourage to have a yoga journal where we can note how each practice or lesson goes. I chose the Mambi extension pack as you can easily add or remove pages with its disc ring system which is really cool. 


This winter my skin really suffered, typically I have combination skin but recently it has been so dry and in need of some extra hydration. I decided to switch up my skincare and see if that made a difference.  This is a new serum by origins and it's gorgeous! It's light, smooth, non greasy and leaves my skin feeling really soft and its actually making a dramatic difference in reducing my pores which is a bonus.


Another new to me product. This stuff smells so so good! its a beautiful lightweight, hydrating and refreshing moisturising cream, since using this I have noticed a big difference in how bright my skin is looking. I'm finally feeling hydrated and content with how my skin feels,  a big salute to origins!  I'm looking forward to trying out a few more of their products, and maybe doing a full switch if they are anything like the two I tried this month.


I mean what more can I say these shoes are classics, I love the Arizona Birkenstocks for spring and summer, this time I ordered a pair in the colour stone.


When is comes to make up I'm pretty brand loyal with bare minerals, its honestly my favourite make up and it works well on my skin. Complexion rescue is a gorgeous tinted hydrating cream, its super lightweight and sheer but can be built up for a fuller coverage if you want that. I love the stuff and use the colour vanilla.


This was another new product for me this month, I had been dying to try it since it came out. It's a lovely creamy concealer that covers (naturally) well and doesn't crease, Whoop whoop! I like to apply mine with a damp beauty blender and some mornings its all I  need with a little added blush to warm things up. For this I use the shade Light.


Palmstones are such a lovely de-stresser,  I like to keep them in my pockets or on my bedside table. However I noticed I don't have anything rose quartz, so we had to fix that.


When I was at primary school each birthday my mum would buy me a big bag of mini eggs to share out with my friends at playtime, It became quite the tradition and I have received a bag each and every year since. They are so good and I still love to share them out.

So that concludes my March favourites, let me know what you think of them. What have been your faves during march?

Wall Worthy

I'm one of those people (like many) who take photos of everything, phones make it so accessible to document daily life now. Most of the time the photos that don't make it to instagram or facebook stay stuck in a file on the computer for another day. 

I'm a sucker for memory keeping especially now as a Mum, but while there are many times I think "I will never forget this" unfortunately I do, until a song, smell, taste or photo reminds me again.

What I like about Cheerz is not only do they print out your photos in a cool polaroid or photobooth style photo, they also let you get interactive and hands on with your pictures if you fancy getting a little crafty

They have a really cool box called the La Boite A Photos it's basically a box with 40 of your photos and everything you need to create a photo garland! You get to finally have those photo memories up and be all arty in the process. Another thing is you can do it all on the computer or you can download the app and do it from your phone. Super easy!

The next thing I'm loving is their Diy Photo Book, you get a gorgeous flat lay photo album with matt black pages which really make your photos pop and stand out, plus each page had an adhesive sticker for easy placement. I'm dying to get a gold pen out to scribe some little words and snippets about each photo.

I have a few ideas of how I'm going to create my photos, I'll be sure to share them with you soon.

Want to bring your own memoires to life? Use the link here to get £4 off your first order.  What do you do with all the photos you take? 

*All views are my own

Underwater love


When I came across the first image it totally made me think of mermaids, I'm pretty sure they would be swimming around rocking some amazing iridescent make up.

While it's not something I could imagine me wearing, I really love the idea of having a really subtle iridescent tint especially with a natural dewy make up. Maybe just a little dab of something in the centre of the eye lids or lips. I might just have to have a dabble!

I guess if you wanted something a little less daring a pale or clear iridescent nail polish would be a perfect little hint of shine.

What do you think, fancy unleashing your inner mermaid?

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